Laning around Oxfordshire and Wiltshire – 26 March 2014

Bright and early on Sunday morning myself, Pat Booth, Mark Harrison, (Roger Taylor as my navigator), Gavin and Jon Carter embarked on what was supposed to be a non damaging gentle laning trip.

We met at the maccy d’s at Milton Park at 7.30am and proceeded onto our first lane at Sutton Courtney around the power station catching a glimpse of the destruction that the recent fire had caused, towards the end of this lane it would appear that it had not seen much use as the foliage was encroaching rapidly – not good for mark in a mint condition 2009 L200!

We then continued on towards the Marlborough downs taking in the scenery and stopping for tea as we crossed the Ridgeway heading towards Lambourn where most of the lanes were well maintained and a pleasant drive.

We finished the route I had planned around Childrey/Wantage where I mentioned that there were a couple of lanes that I hadn’t driven for a while but didn’t know what they would be like so on we went for a look, the first had been TRO’d for repair works for six months which had expired the week before we arrived however we were greeted by concrete blocks pinned into the ground blocking our way – further investigation has shown the lane to be open with vehicular access. another way to unofficially “close” a lane to us.

The next lane was one that was always blocked at the southern end by a large lorry so we approached from this end to have a look but to my surprise the lorry was over far enough to the right to squeeze through, it was quite obvious that this lane hasn’t seen much if any use as the further on we went the narrower it became reaching around 3 feet wide in places with thick bramble to the left and a barbed wire fence to the right – remember that mint L200 that Mark Harrison owns………….┬áno major damage just lots of scratches and Gavin lost a couple of wind deflectors from the windows of his Discovery.

The surprise was the dog walker who spoke to me at the end of this lane who said he doesn’t walk all the way to the end as its too narrow to get through and was pleased we had driven the lane to open it out a bit. maybe if the ramblers saw it this way??? wishful thinking.

All in all a brilliant relaxed day out and thank-you to everyone that came if you didn’t come you missed out.

Report by James Dixey

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