Punch Challenge – Feb 2014

Thanks to MK4x4 who arranged a Punch Challenge at Little Brickhill site last weekend, and invited BORG and ALRFC to join in.

The site was seeded with 20 punches as if for a winch challenge, but unlike a winch challenge, the routes to and from the punches were left entirely to the driver,  and most of the punches did not require winching or other assistance. That said, a couple of the punches were in very boggy places and more than a few needed a bit of a hand to get in and out again.

IMG_3171Some punches were on six feet of cable. But others were nailed hard to a tree or post so you had to get the vehicle right alongside. In the photo you an just make out the punch hanging from the tree branch, just above the bonnet of the truck as he tries to get close enough to it for the passenger to reach it without sliding into the puddle. And that puddle is more than just mud – phooeey!

Some punches advertised their presense with big flags. Others, you had to seek.

There wasn’t a “hard” competition, indeed, no-one collected the scores at the end, everyone was content to challenge themsevles as to how far they went.

Several folks celebrated having found and reached all 20 punches before the end of the day. Others decided to skip some of the boggier ones and save their diffs. And at least one person didn’t, and should’ve, and went home on the yellow taxi.  But all in all everyone had a fun day.

Thanks to MK4x4 for organizing!


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